For parking hours we offer covered seats ,at rates that are paid in Milan for street parking.
In fact, 1 hour parking costs just € 3.00 and the first hour does not cost more than the second or third, as happens in many, if not all, parking where the first hour can also cost three times the second.
This strategy is opposite to our mentality.
We want to give the opportunity to park, without spending a fortune, even those who need fast parking, which may be the time for a coffee or a quick commission, without having to park in the second row or not to stop.
We have studied the rates thinking also about those who have longer rest periods, such as the working day.
In fact, from the fourth to the tenth hour the rate is unique and is blocked at € 12.00.

For those who park the vehicle from the tenth hour for 24 hours and the cost of 18,00 €.

Opening Hours / Public Closure:
7.30 - 00.30 from Monday to Saturday

Sunday and the public Holidays we are CLOSED


Fee per hour or fraction € 3,00
From the 1st hour to the 2nd € 6,00
From the 3rd hour until the 3rd hour € 9,00
Rate blocked by 4th or
fraction after the 10th hour
€ 12,00
From the 10th hour to the 24th hour € 18,00
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