Farini Parking - Milano

Get used to consider us an advantage.
Since 1992, the birth year of the Farini car park, this has been our slogan.
We have always worked with the conviction that the resolution of the problem of parking is one of the prerogatives to improve the quality of city life.
Do not waste time looking for a place to park your car, avoid parking anxiety, and finally forget about the road washing calendar, the problem of fines, the risk of damage that a parking lot in the road often reserves or even the risk of thefts.
Well, at least be able to avoid concerns about parking the car it seems to have an important and perhaps the most immediate and simple step to improve their lives town.
For this reason we have always tried to offer a service that was accessible to the greatest number of people, families, possible. We have always endeavored to apply low rates and flexible contract formulas to meet the most diverse needs, from parking to hours to parking in a monthly pass for both residential and business use, to that linked to sporadic and time-limited requirements, such as holiday or travel periods in general, with extremely low rates.

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